How to Find Us…

Avian Dance Studios
Unit 1D, Diamond Business Park,
Vulcan Road North,

  • Avian Dance Studio is opposite Storage Mart. You should see Avian’s blue and white sign (tucked slightly in a corner as per the arrow on the map)

  • Parking is at the front, accessed from Vulcan Road North.

  • Overflow parking:
    There is some street parking immediately outside. You can also park at the front of Diamond House, or in the spaces outside Easy Store 24/7 – access their car park by turning into Diamond Road – red dotted line on the map.

NR12 Fitness Studios
Unit 5, Station Road Business Park,
Horning Road West,
NR12 8QJ

  • NR12 Fitness is next to Fizz & Fromage. As you turn into the Business Park turn left in front of the row of shops and look for the black, white & red signage.

  • There is parking immediately outside.

  • Overflow parking:
    If you cannot park at the front of NR12 Fitness, turn back to the entrance to the Business Park and head around the back. Follow the road (red dashed line on the map) past Wroxham Miniature Worlds. Take the bend to the left and then take the next left where there are more NR12 Fitness Banners. Rather than follow the road back around, you can walk down the left side of the gym to the main entrance (blue dotted line on map)